so the kiss…

like I feel like I’ve waited a lifetime for this moment to take place

but at the same time, I feel like I haven’t waited long enough ???

See, to me, the beauty of this ship was the angst and the slow burn. As much as I wanted them together, I was really enjoying the longing and the…

I think you’ll still get a season of Angst and slow burn and torture. Stephen and the writers have made it plain that in he premiere Oliver’s under the delusion that things have turned a corner for the better permanently. (Hint: delusion) and the episode is called The Calm (as in, before the Storm). So, they’ll tease us with a “what could be” before ripping it all away from Oliver and Felicity. He’s going to struggle all season, wanting to be with her but being unable to be. And she’s going to be tempted by the very real possibility of Ray Palmer.

I am fully prepping for a season of angst after a moment of happy.




Oliver & Felicity: Unthinkable by djcprod

This is a must watch for any Olicity fan. Quite frankly, it’s one of the best Olicity vids I’ve ever seen. Crisp editing and scenes cut together in a unique way.

Oh yeah, I’m obsessed with all things Oliver Queen. And that includes Olicity. This vid … You guys, this vid is the best I’ve seen. Vids like this and FF are the only thing keeping me sane until October!! -C




New Classic Alice episode  ”Why Can’t the English?” (ignore the WRONG youtube still. C’mon, YouTube.)

Alice Rackham - Kate Hackett - https://twitter.com/hackettkate

Andrew Prichard - Tony Noto - https://twitter.com/TheTonyNoto

Cara Graves - Elise Cantu - https://twitter.com/EliseCantu

Ewan McBay - Chris O’Brien - https://twitter.com/microbrien


Beth Marmie - Joanna Sotomura - https://twitter.com/JoannaSotomura

Anthony White - Brent Bailey - https://twitter.com/BrentMBailey

Anna Knight - Robin Thorsen - https://twitter.com/robinthorsen

Marcus - James Brent Issacs as Marcus - https://twitter.com/TheReal_JBI

Stacey Bell - Dayeanne Hutton - https://twitter.com/dayeannehutton

Weird Coat Guy - David Nett - https://twitter.com/davidnett

Chris Kim - Junot Lee - https://twitter.com/JunotWhatLeezy

Whitney Spalding - Arielle Braxton - https://twitter.com/abrachfeld

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Okay, but Brent Bailey appears as Anthony White “Hot T.A.” and I was just like ::nods:: This is the truthest of the truths. 

That aside - I NEEDED CLASSIC ALICE BACK IN MY LIFE AND NOW IT IS! And my goodness it makes me happy! =D 

Hey look the whole cast (well, almost) of Emma Approved guested on Classic Alice!! Very fun.